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Regency Solitaire

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1 Regency Solitaire on Thu Feb 12, 2015 2:36 pm


Regency Solitaire

Just in time for Valentine's day!  Solitaire meets Pride and Prejudice!

I LOVE solitaire I love you and haven't found a decent game in FOREVER and a DAY!!!!!!!

I had the opportunity to play this game when it was released on a different gaming site and couldn't WAIT until it came out on BFG so I could finally purchase it.

Poor Bella dreams of marrying a handsome, wealthy man.  Smile  Does she have someone in mind???  But, her brother gambles away the family fortune!  OH NO!!!!!  affraid (Is this a guy thing?  Lack of common sense???  RFLMAO  Sorry guys!!!)  Laughing NOW, her father is pushing her to marry the dastardly neighbor ..... creepy, yucky, eeeewwwww!!!!!! Evil or Very Mad

The graphics are only ..... (singing) AMAZING!!!!!!  Pure and spot on perfect for the era as you move through each of the rooms in Bella's house.  The cards are a great size, pictures are easy to see (even for these old eyes), just PERFECTION!  Music ...... OMG!  Again, perfect for the era .... softly classical but not "I'm getting sleepy" kind of music.  Just ..... enchanting.

It's hi/low solitaire but NEVER boring as the storyline continues throughout the game.  No voiceovers, but it seems just perfectly right to have to read everything everyone says.  There are 2 difficulties - normal and hard.  Sorry, I play Normal but WHEN I purchase the game I will play all 180 levels on Normal and then go back and replay them on Hard.  wooo-hooo!

There is so much going on in this game that makes it truly entertaining.  With the coins you earn during game play, you get to purchase items for Bella (a hand fan, gloves, etc.) or for her home - such FUN!  Every item you buy is some kind of power up/bonus for you to use in your game play (for example, Cupid may shoot a random card from the game board, the phoenix burns cards, the lyre will shuffle them and MORE) - WOW!  AND, you are offered the opportunity to use the pictures/room/backdrop as a screensaver only every time you make a change!

I CANNOT say enough about this amazingly entertaining and beautiful solitaire game.  The actual solitaire game is ALMOST the backdrop of the game as opposed to being the center of attention - lol.

I recommend this game for everyone from beginners to experts ... a great tutorial at the beginning is perfect for newbies.  It's fun, it's romantic, it's dazzling and it's ....... PERFECT! 

Come meet me in this amazing Pride and Prejudice meets Solitaire game and help Bella make her dream come true!

ENJOY! I love you


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