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Solitaire Perfect Match

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1 Solitaire Perfect Match on Wed Feb 25, 2015 1:50 pm


Solitaire Perfect Match

I don't believe I've ever "met" a solitaire game that was quite so ..... unusual.  All you do is make matches (i.e., 4 and another 4, King and another King) with bonuses for having the same suit or even color!  No Hi/low or anything else.  But,...... it's certainly enticing and made me want to go back for more ..... and more ..... and even MORE!

The music was upbeat but not annoyingly so.  The little mustachioed man gives the impression of "hmmm ... sly little devil .... better watch out for him."  But, I'm not even really sure you see him again.

The colors/graphics are bright, easy to see cards (for those of us who are of the more mature persuasion)  .I could not see where the card backs, etc. could be changed.   Too bad.  I'm also not sure WHAT i get so many rewards for or why I never have enough coins to purchase upgrades or help.

So, you see, I can't really tell you anything at all!  Except, it kept me quite unusually involved in the game play and I HATED (and I dislike the word "hate") when the demo ended!  Will this be a purchase for me?  YOU BET!  If for no other reason that to figure out ..... just what makes this game so appealing!


Overall Impression:  There is just SOMETHING about this game that "grabs" you ..... so hold on to something close and tight because I think you'll get swept away too!


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