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Knight Solitaire 2

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1Knight Solitaire 2 Empty Knight Solitaire 2 on Mon Feb 09, 2015 1:09 pm


Knight Solitaire 2

Not my Knight in Shining Armor

I LOVE solitaire games. But, this one was so far below par I could not enjoy it.

The graphics were terrible. The game board was dark. And, even though you had the option to change the card faces AND backs, they were difficult to see if you are older or don't have perfect vision, which is a huge deal for me.

It's typical high/low solitaire but you have to get a perfect game (a score of 10) in order to pass on to the next level. Each "level" has 10 "sub-levels" and playing it is similar to playing a game of bowling, IMO.

I liked the game .... it was ok .... until I played a PERFECT game and had no choice to "continue" but HAD to "replay" the hand. I didn't understand it.

There is an annoying tutorial ..... you DO have the option to stop it during game play.

Maybe I was just having a bad day but I really didn't find any entertainment value in this game. Even though it will not be a purchase for me, I will recommend it because I think everyone should play the demo and see if it's for you. It's just NOT my knight in shining armor.



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