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Avalon Legends 2 Solitaire

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1 Avalon Legends 2 Solitaire on Mon May 04, 2015 7:53 pm


Avalon Legends 2 Solitaire 

I LOVE love a good, entertaining solitaire game and Avalon 2 hits everything I enjoy right on the mark.

There is a great storyline, complete with voiceovers. The music music2..... perfectly Renaissance era! I wanted to pull my RennFaire clothing out and dust them off smile1 . Very upbeat, lilting  and it brings back many good memories.

The goal is to achieve a perfect score of 3 gold stars by playing hi/low solitaire.  smile1
Simple, yet fun!  I like that you can replay earlier hands, which you could not do in the original Avalon. sad1

Your "job" is to rebuild everything in the kingdom from the bottom up.  scared1 During your game play, you will get many materials which you will use to build your kingdom.  Each building, in turn, will also provide materials.  With the "points/coins" you collect (veeerrry slowly, I might add), there is a "shop" to buy bonuses and power ups to assist you in the game play. straight-face

Of course, besides the bonuses you find during the game play (jokers, wild cards, etc.) you will find an equal (if not more) number of obstacles (grass, ice, etc.).

I recommend Avalon 2 for all levels of expertise.  It is a definite purchase for me.  smile1 And, judging by the map (your travels are exhibited by the cutest red boot!) it looks like there are a LOT of hands to play!

Kings, Druids, Conflict, a Challenge and a Kingdom to rebuild .... and don't forget the wonderful music! All enhanced by a Game of Solitaire ..... or do the extras enhance the Solitaire Game???    Either way .... what more could a person want?


Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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