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Atlantic Quest Solitaire

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1 Atlantic Quest Solitaire on Wed Mar 25, 2015 12:16 pm


Atlantic Quest Solitaire

I LOVE LOVE LOVE solitaire games.  But, a solitaire game won't hold my interest unless it contains a LOT of entertainment.  This game gives you entertainment in spades!  HAH!  I made a funny - lol lol lol.

The graphics are amazing!  The background will change to match whatever part of the story you are working on.  For instance, a sinking ship - OH NO!  Gotta go check it out!  The music is perfectly done without being monotonous.

The gist of the game is like any other hi/low solitaire game.  BUT, there is so much you can/have to do!  There are fish encased in bubbles that you can/have to free.  You can choose NOT to free them but, me?  No way, I had to free those fishies!  You not only earn bonus cards but you earn pearls while you play that you can use in the shop.  AND, there's a casino where you can try to earn more cash!

You can change the backs of the cards to many different colors/scenes.  There are 2 difficulty levels.  And, you can earn up to 3 gold stars per level.  You can go back and replay any level you want - if you want to.  lol  The first level is also your tutorial .... but those who don't need it can just click it to stop.

A great storyline, things you can/have to do during the game play, changing backgrounds, a casino, earning pearls, surprises during the game play and MORE!  But, don't think this is an easy game because it gets more and more difficult as you go along.  I had to replay one level so many times!  And I'm great at solitaire!  So much entertainment value in one little game?  Oh yeah!

For all these reasons and MORE MORE MORE, this game is a definite purchase for me.   Great for beginners and experts alike.  When the demo ended, I got my personal "wow" factor and knew I had to have it.

Come along and join me .... under the sea .... and have a blast playing this amazing solitaire game!


Overall Impression:  If you love solitaire games, this one is a definite for you.  If you're a beginner, I don't think there's a better game to get you started playing this genre of game.  It's fun, entertaining and ...... more!  Play the demo ..... it will definitely be a good time for everyone.


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