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Mystery Trackers: Alaskan Wild

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1 Mystery Trackers: Alaskan Wild on Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:53 pm


Mystery Trackers:  Alaskan Wild

Based on the CE and SE Demos.

The future MIL from Hell or Mama's Boy? Your sister has invited you to Alaska as her 'plus-one' when meeting her fiance's mother.  Seems simple enough ............ until the future MIL goes off in a temper tantrum the likes of which you have NEVER seen and walks off .................. with your sister!!!

4 difficulty levels including Custom.

Graphics were amazing.  The snowy dark night finally looks like a snowy dark night and not a grey zone.  Thanks Devs for that.  We can also regulate the amount of snowfall throughout the game!  How cool is that!!!!!  Wish I could do that in real life --- I'd make it snow all day every day - lol.  !  Music was amazing as were the sound fx.  No complaints here!

There is a diary for notes.  A transportable map.  The hint button doesn't necessarily transport you as much as it brings up the map and points out where you need to go.  Quite different actually.  You also have an amulet that allows you to change into various animals.  Not often enough to get annoying or take away from the game play. 

HOGs were a variety of list and silhouette.  Not very interactive IMO.  There is an alternative Match 3 game if you prefer.  Mini Games comprised a LOT of new games.  I found them quite fun and not too difficult.  There were definitely more Mini Games than HOGs.

CE Bling:  Besides the usual fare......
*  A camera to take pictures of the animals.
*  Morphing Objects but not sure if they are throughout the game or HOG specific.

Great for all levels of difficulty.  Very enjoyable storyline and characters.  I think this game will have a good bit of length.  I was taken in at the very beginning and stayed involved until the demo ended.  Then, it was all "WHAT???  NOOOO!!!!!!  NOT YET!!!!" so yeah, I'd say I got my personal 'wow' factor - lol.  I thoroughly enjoyed this demo and will definitely purchase it as an SE.  As a CE?  A little 'light' on the extras IMO. 

Let's see if we can find out what happened to your sister in the Alaskan Wild.


Overall Impression:  Great story.  Keeps you interested.  Great balance of games to play and gameplay (yes, there is a difference - lol).

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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