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Mystery Mosaics

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1 Mystery Mosaics on Tue Dec 22, 2015 7:57 pm


Mystery Mosaics

............. all the pictures seem related to knights and/or pirates. santa

The storyline was ok, as was the music and sound fx.  At least I didn't have to turn anything down - lol. smile1

There are no mini-games between levels.

There is only 1 mode of difficulty.  There are 2 game settings:  pic-a-pic or fill-a-pic.  Don't know the difference between the two confused2 as I played the usual type of 'filler/griddler/mosaic' type of game.  There is an automatic tutorial.  I could find NO way to turn it off .... which was annoying. thinking1

You can earn up to 3 mistakes before you have to replay a level. sad1

The gist of the game is thus:  Your game board consists of a graph of blocks.  Along each side are sets of numbers.  Using those numbers, you fill in blocks on the graph and, when finished, create a picture. 

I LOVE this genre of gaming! hart4

What I found rather challenging was that (1) there are colors ..... but you don't play color (a), then color (b), then color (c) and so on.  Gaah! No.  When you fill in ... say .... 4 blocks at once .... they may be blue, red, green, green .... instead of placing those colors over 3 turns.  BangingHead At the beginning of game play, I was easily ..... confused - lol.  HELP !

However ....... when the demo ended, I literally SCREAMED at the computer ("NOOOOOOO!  I want to keep playing!!!!"),   That is my personal 'wow' factor.  I'm not even waiting for Bonus Punch Monday, I'm off to purchase it ............ NOW!

Enjoy! Candy

Merry Christmas!  Hi Santa  C Tree  C lights 

W man

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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