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Mystery Trackers: Nightsville Horror

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1 Mystery Trackers: Nightsville Horror on Thu May 14, 2015 1:40 pm


Mystery Trackers:  Nightsville Horror

Based on both the CE and SE demos.

A young boy is running through the woods .... being pursued by a gang of other youngsters.  The gang lets loose some vicious hounds.  He hears a dog whimper just a black-cloaked figure takes his hand.  You are a Detective sent to Nightsville to investigate the possible kidnapping of this young boy by ................... the owlman ..... who is allegedly terrorizing the town.

The graphics are not the best.  Everything just seems so very ............... dark.  A LOT of gray-blue scenes.  I adjusted the "gamma" to be fairly light but everything is still very ....... gray-blue.  I can't imagine what it would look like if I hadn't changed that gradient.  The music is nice .... not annoying.  Sound effects were amazing ... right down to the lock on a chain falling on the ground.  The voice overs could have used some help.  It's disconcerting to see lips move while the rest of the face stays immobile.  Too much botox going on here???

There are 4 difficulty modes:  Casual, Advanced, Hardcore and Custom.  The tutorial can be set to "no" tutorial, "Special Features" only or "Full".  There is a transportable map which shows where you are and where open tasks are.  I must confess .... I did not use the map because the "hint" button transported me as well and I found THAT to be much more quicker.  There is an EXTREME amount of back and forthing and forthing and backing among a plethora of locations.  Thank goodness for the map AND the "hint" button.  The map also has tabs for Achievements, Collectibles and Diary, putting everything right at your fingertips.  Your helper, Elf (a
dog), is back with you from previous games.  I'm surprised he sits in your Inventory rather than off to the side.

You are given the "Gift of Sight" which you use frequently.  I mean, like, ALL THE TIME.  When you activate this "power", you see a different perspective in night vision and put items in their proper place.  I disliked the night vision.  It wasn't clear what items I needed to replace, what could wait until another time and what I held in my "mini" inventory.  Yep.  Disliked this.  It also appears that you may get more than 1 "power".  There is a "Detection" banner.  You find 3 items (referred to as "Special Objects") related to the Investigation and then draw a conclusion regarding a specific event related to those 3 items..

The HOGs (hidden object games) varied.  I found list items, FRAGS (find various items to put together pieces of an item).  I found the FRAGS confusing as the items I needed to find were in no way related to the final item I was putting together.  For instance, a smoking pipe has nothing to do with the parts of a power saw. The HOG areas were very dark ---- over use of the gray-blue crayon Devs.  I had quite a bit of trouble with the mini games.  For me, the instructions were very unclear.

CE Bling:

Besides the usual fare (wallpaper, bonus game, music, etc.), there are the following items:

*   Secret Room (not sure what this is all about)
*   Collectibles ----- are these the gold coins to spend in the vending machine?
*   Morphing Objects - 22 (YAY!) - they don't appear to be too difficult to find.  I had trouble remembering to look for them - lol.
*   There appears to be a place for figurines (?).  Do you buy these from the vending machine or find them?
*    Vending machine - you collect gold coins and use them to buy something (???) in ................ the vending machine.  It appears to be 8 items you can "buy".

There is certainly no lack of things to do in this game.  But, when the demo ended there was no personal "wow" factor for me .... no "OMG I HAVE to purchase this game!!!".  It just wasn't very entertaining ... for me.  I believe it is a standalone game and you don't need to have played the previous games in the series to understand what's going on in this one.  Great for all levels of expertise.

All in all, after playing BOTH the CE and SE demos, this game is just not for me.  It was boring and all the unnecessary backing and forthing!!!  I do hope there are others who will ....................


Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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