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Mystery of Neuschwanstein

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1 Mystery of Neuschwanstein on Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:25 pm


Mystery of Neuschwanstein

Possibly the Worst Game of 2015.

The storyline is ...... bizarre.  There appears to be more than one storyline going on.     As you play more into the demo, you begin to accumulate one storyline after another.        ----- Take notes!

The graphics are horrible!  EVERYTHING is BLACK!  I don't know how you're supposed to see anything if the scenes are all BLACKEST BLACK (that's actually a mascara color but it fits - ).  The voiceovers range from horrible (your character sounds like a drone) to nicely done (Beatrix, the Castle Castellan).  You also have a LOT of reading to do.  Sound effects are annoying.

You are an investigative journalist sent to Neuschwanstein Castle to .... well ..... investigate the Castle's reconstruction after you screwed up your last investigative story.  HAH!  Your boss seems to think there is a big story there.  But, with each character you meet (and you meet SOME characters - lol) you get another storyline.  Unbelievable.  

There are 3 difficulty Modes:  easy, something else (sorry), and hard.  I played the Easy Mode.  You can change the sound level of "sound", "ambiance" and  choose the "Game Cursor" ..... that's about it.  BORING!  And even though I put everything down to what should have been mute ..... nothing WAS mute.  Go figure. 

There is a "tablet" in the lower left corner of the game page.  It consists of  "Hardware" =
a camera; "Messages" = a Tasks list and Emails; and "Archives" = Sarah's notes and Ludwig's  Diary.  You will add to these titles as the game continues.  A number 1, 2, etc. will show up on the tablet when there is something you need to review.   I DID have a "hmmm" moment when Ludwig's Diary showed up in "Archives" as I thought Archives was something that was "closed" and "not referred to".  Whereas the items in this game's "Archives" are referred to frequently.  See?  Hmmmmm moment.

The Hidden Object Games (HOGs) are list type with no interaction and no alternative game to play (such as a match 3 or bubble shooter, etc) and, once again, we are continuing with the "blackest black" scene.  I couldn't find ONE object without the "hint" button.  On "Easy", the "hint" button recharged amazingly fast - I mean, like, super-sonic fast!  Thank Goodness for THAT since you need it for EVERYTHING!

Mini Games - old and boring same old, same old.  Unimpressive.

Did I mention the HORRIBLE grammar?  "Us journalists .....".  Really?  Seriously? NO!!!!  "WE journalists"!  And THAT was "said" by YOUR character .... the journalist.  Oy Vey!!!!!    Seriously, we need a smiley that thunks it's head on the desk where the computer is.  It would be suitable here.  Just THUNK!

And the talking??????  SAVE ME!!!!!  The first 35 minutes was ..... ALL ...... TALKING!  Virtually NO game play.  TALKING, TALKING and more .................. TALKING!!!!!!!  Shut up already and let's DO SOMETHING!

For all the above reasons ..... an sooooooooooooo many more, this will never be a purchase for me.  Not with a free game code, not during a BOGO sale, not even if someone GAVE it to me as a gift ----- I would NOT play it!  I would have given it ONE star instead of 2, but I dislike the word "hate" and so could only go as low as 2.  But, the fact of the matter is ...... I so disliked the game it ruined my morning.  Here's hoping I can recover my good mood for the duration of the day.

For those who try the demo and like it ....


Overall Impression:  THUNK!

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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