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Mystery Tales: The Twilight World

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1 Mystery Tales: The Twilight World on Wed May 13, 2015 4:18 pm


Mystery Tales:  The Twilight World

Based on both the CE and the SE demos.

The graphics are done very well.  The voiceovers .... I had a real problem with ...... running the gamut of an echo in the room to lip syncing NOT matching up with the sound of the voice.  Rather tragic in this day and age.  Sound fx were somewhat muted.

And then, the storyline.  A pentagram, a spell ..... and a curse.  Could it GET any worse????

There are 4 modes of difficulty:  casual, advanced, hardcore and custom.  You can choose no tutorial, special features only or a full tutorial.  Your map shows your location, open action areas and closed areas.

There is also a Magic Box, which can hold up to 5 "magic items" which you can use throughout the game play AND a crystal ball that allows you to travel between the "Twilight World" and "Real Life".  I have to say .... Twilight World is kind of ..... creepy.

The HOGs (hidden object games) were okay.  Very interactive and each one I played in the demo was different  ....  no 2 alike.  THAT made it interesting.

CE Bling:

The usual bonus chapter, music, art, etc.  Very simple fare ... while not overloading the brainwaves with unnecessary items, there are the following:
*   Collect post cards - don't know how many - but in both the SE and the CE.
*   Collect cats - 40 - very clear to the eye .... can't miss them. 
*   Collect rabbits - don't know how many .... NOT in every area as far as I could tell ..... and sometimes very difficult to find.

Every time I found a post card, a message on a banner referred to a "dossier".  What and where is this dossier?  Couldn't find it myself and when I tried to click on the word "dossier", the banner would disappear.

When I finished the demo, there was an area that said (both the SE and the CE, there were 27 locations, 21 Mini Games, 17 HOGs, 150 zoom zones and 12 characters.  If I don't include my character and the girl at the hotel, I found 3 in the demo. 

I really thought I would go for this game because it seemed like there was a LOT going on in terms of what collectibles there were and what magic items you had at your disposal.  After playing the SE demo, I realized all the CE had to offer me was the collectible cats and rabbits.  Everything else is in both editions of the game. So, for me, it all comes down to ..... how good is the bonus chapter.

I REALLY enjoyed playing.  Very entertaining and lots to do and find, but I'm still very much on the fence regarding the purchase of the SE OR the CE.  Either way, I think it's a great game to have.


Overall Impression:  CE bling is comparable to what's offered in the SE, except for the bonus game.   I think I am leaning towards the SE, unless I find out the bonus game is really worthwhile.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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