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Grim Facade - Hidden Sins Collectors Edition

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1Grim Facade - Hidden Sins Collectors Edition Empty Thanks Simmi! on Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:11 pm


Thank you ! Thank You  Simmi!

I really appreciate reading other people's thoughts, etc. about a game/demo.  Sometimes, it can help me decide if I want the game and do I want the CE or SE.

I hope you continue to post your demo/game reviews here regularly.  Even if another person has done a demo/game review on the same game ..... the more the merrier!

freyasmom smile1

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Grim Facade - Hidden Sins Collectors Edition Devil-smiley-029

2Grim Facade - Hidden Sins Collectors Edition Empty Grim Facade - Hidden Sins Collectors Edition on Fri Jun 19, 2015 4:39 am


Based on the 1 hour demo.
This is the 6th game in the Grim Facade series and I have all the others. I'm not sure about this one yet.

You are called in from the mayor of Coldstone because his wife got kidnapped. There is an avenger in the town that kills people from a blacklist that you should investigate.

The graphics are the usual ERS graphics but darker than normal which fits the theme of the game. There is quite a bit of violance which also fits the story. The cutscenes are well done. They weren't blurry like they often are or at least not so much that I registered it. VO are okay. Lips movement is in sync with the words. 

There are 4 modes of gameplay: Casual, Advanced, Hard and Custom. I always choose custom to turn the sparkles off and get a fast Hint and skip. You can change the time to 5 seconds on both.

The game has 5 chapters plus bonus chapter.

You are collecting 16 masks through the game that aren't hard to find but fit easily into the scenes.

There are the usual CE Extras:
Strategie guide, Movies, Music, Wallpapers, Art, Screensavers, replayable Minigames and HOS and a Bonus chapter.

HOS that I encountered were: Find 12 bats, put things back in place and one where you interact with the scene and then look for shapes and in the end have to interact again. They were quite easy.

Minigames were: sort colored tiles to their place to form a pattern, turn tiles to get them to the right position, swap places of knights and thieves, push balls to the right position, sort colored gears and move a diver through bubbles to a treasure chest. Also quite easy.
One game didn't work for me: you had to sort colored balls in the matching rings but for some reason the balls didn't want to swap from one ring to the other. Not sure if it is a bug or I just didn't get what to do.

There is no constant helper but at one point I needed a rat to help me out.

There is a gadget with which you gather memory pieces/black clouds. You then have to find a crystal to be able to watch the memories you gathered.

When you have a conversation with someone you have to choose the questions you are asking which makes no sense at all because you have to ask them all anyway to move on.

Overall I liked the story and the atmosphere of the game. The problem for me is that it feels like I didn't really play all that much through the hour. There are constant cutscenes and conversations. Granted they are well done but I prefer to play a game and not watch it. There were just too many of them. Normally I just skip them as fast as possible but I'm not sure how much gameplay this would actually leave. When the hour was over I was at the end of chapter 2 without skipping anything. 

I'm not sure if I will buy it. I guess I'm going to wait for a good sale.

For me this is a 3/5 because of the many interruptions but I recommend to at least try it out and decide for yourself.

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