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Rite of Passage: The Lost Tides Collectors Edition

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Beware The Tides of May

Setting: Twenty years ago your parents were lost on a sea voyage when the ship Everlast disappeared. Just you and your brother escaped. All of a sudden your father's compass, which he gave you just before disappearing, is emitting a strange glow and the Everlast has reappeared in the harbor! Is it possible your parents are still there? And, is that a mermaid?

The drawing is colorful with lots of blues, browns and grays. The style is typical of most games, rooted mostly in realism but with enough stylization to remind you that you are playing a game. Voices are well acted and the characters are believable - which is a nice change. The play is fun, but there is a certain seriousness about the story that I found to be refreshing. Music is presented on a grand scale, with large orchestral arrangements accompanied by chorale singers, but it does not overpower.

There are 13 HOPs and an undetermined number of mini games. The HOPs are straightforward and well drawn, but not too exciting. Mini games are more numerous and also more interesting. While not necessarily new or difficult, they were well suited to the story and the overall settings. Also, there is a transportable map.

Difficulty: I seem to always choose Custom because I like to turn off the sparkles but leave map indicators on and it is rare for a developer to include that as a standard setting crying2 . Hint and Skip refills can be set between 15-90 seconds.

CE Extras: 37 collectible seashells (hidden well), 13 morphing objects, 37 "collectibles" (i.e. souvenirs) achievements, bonus level, strategy guide (2 chapters in demo) and the pseudo extras like wallpapers.

I enjoyed playing the demo more than the recent Amaranthine Voyage game. While the quality of the the two are similar, and like AV game there is a "device" that is used over and over (here it's the compass), since this compass performs only one function it seems less contrived. This appealed to me more also because of the more serious tone and the impression that this game is aimed more towards adults . Finally, the story and game play also made more sense.

So, what do you say we go for a swim and see if we can spot any mermaids? big-grin big-grin big-grin big-grin

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