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Queen's Tales: Sins of the Past

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1 Queen's Tales: Sins of the Past on Fri May 08, 2015 9:31 am


Queen's Tales:  Sins of the Past

Based on both the CE and SE demos.

I have to admit, the storyline was lost on me.  Nothing in the demo really adhered to the title of the game. Also, in the intro, your character is being told your Grandmother's Story .... so then why is everything seemingly being done by you???

Also, at the beginning of the game, a disembodied voice tells you that a thief stole your father's most valuable item .... without saying WHAT that item is. It continues to say that your Elf Doll was your BF but was arrested. No more on this tidbit of info .... as we proceed to 13 years later and the beginning of the game play.

The graphics were very well done, although there was a lot of gold/orange in some of the HOGs. The music was SUPER creepy, especially on the game title page. I mean ..... total EXCELLENCE! I almost purchased the game then and there!  The sound fx were also very well done as were the voice overs.

There are 4 difficulty modes: Casual, Advanced, Hard and Custom. All the modes can seemingly be changed, but when you DO change something you are automatically in the "custom" setting.

You have the option to set the tutorial: Full Tutorial, Features Only and No Tutorial. That's a nice feature, especially for the more experienced of players.

There is a task list, a transportable map (I didn't use it as I only traveled between 2 destinations each time I moved through the game play), and a helper in the form of a phoenix who dissipates the dark force whenever it is nearby. The phoenix is by no means annoying as it sits in it's little corner of the game page .... not making any sounds ..... just waiting to do its little thing. There is no journal/diary.

HOGS (hidden object games) were interactive lists and silhouettes.  Mini games, while being fresh, new and innovative, ran the gamut of easy to mind numbing.  I usually don't skip a mini game but there was one that had me completely flummoxed.

CE Bling:

I found this area very lacking in substance. There are plenty of the usual items: Strategy Guide, wallpaper, screensavers, music, etc. but I couldn't find a reference to a Bonus Game anywhere. The only additional items are the following:

* 12 Fortune Telling Cards to find - not always the easiest and not in every scene.
* Map Puzzle ... (?)
* Match 3 Game
* Collections ---- this appears to be pieces of a chess board. When you find a chess piece, you will get a bit of chess trivia.

While I felt the "pull" to purchase the game when I heard the creepy music, I'm glad I didn't. The demo was .... confusing. Are we hearing our Grandmother's story or do WE somehow become the story??? Is your Grandmother's story linked to the thief stealing your father's most valuable item? What IS the most valuable item? Are we looking for it or rescuing your father? Or ... is it your Grandmother's father?

As you can tell, IMO, this game is truly confusing as to WHAT is actually going on. It lacks substance and rather than giving enough info during the demo to make me WANT to purchase the game, it only confuses me. For these reasons, and many more, this will not be a purchase for me.

Due to the lack of real CE Bling, I would recommend purchasing the SE, although I probably won't purchase that either.

For those who had a better experience playing the demo ...........


Overall Impression:  Not going to disappoint me NOT to get either the SE or the CE.  A definite "pass".

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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