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Grim Facade: Hidden Sins

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Grim Facade:  Hidden Sins

Based on the CE, SE and Beta demos.

As they condemned the innocent,
They were so confident in their power.

But ..... they were wrong.

As they took from us those we loved,
They thought they would get away with it.

But ..... they were wrong.

I am the Fear, swirling through the dark alleys of this lone City.

I will make them afraid of their own shadows.
I will make them suffer.

Well.  O-o-k-a-a-a-y then.  straight-face I guess that says it all. straight-face

Oh, except ...... then it rained. raining

Not a fan of the graphics.  DEVS .... please .... pretty please ..... put your orange crayons AWAY!!!!  scared1 "Dark" should NOT be orange .... everywhere ..... on everything.  Music was great as were the sound fx.  Voice overs were perfectly done IMO.

Casual, Advanced, Hard and Custom difficulties.

Your character is a Detective hired by the Mayor of Coldstone to rescue his kidnapped wife and save others on an apparent 'hit list'. scared1

There is a diary of sorts, a transportable map (the hint button didn't appear to transport), and a device that allows you to obtain fragments of memories that will help you solve crimes (yes .... MULTIPLE crimes).

Collect gold coins throughout the game (easy to find) because you need them to purchase items from a vendor at market stall IN the game that are necessary to continue the game play.

HOGs - were varied.  List type, find "x" number of whatever and more.  I don't believe there was an alternate game you could play.  Mini Games were fairly easy for me (woohooo) but some did take time just to complete.

When you speak to the key characters in the game, you can choose what you ask or how you reply.  Very much like 'speech bubbles' but they were 'bubbles'.  Also, you never heard YOUR voice.  Odd.

There was  a cameo appearance by a very cool cat.  No.  straight-face Really.  straight-face A cat.  An animal ..... NOT a 'hip' person.  Ok.  I'm dating myself.  scared1 Not 'date' like going out with someone. GRANDPARENTS HELP PLEASE! silly

CE Bling:

There are tons of the usual 'extras' including the following:

*  Collect 16 masks.  Didn't have difficulty finding them.  Also, if you click on any mask you will get a little blurb of what it's all about re voodoo, etc.  Very cool! 

*   Achievements are all game-related and NOT for playing 3 HOGs without using the hint or solving 10 mini games without using a hint, etc.  That was a breath of fresh air.

I've read reviews ..... a LOT of reviews ..... that commented that this was an incredibly 'dark' and 'grim' game.  sad1 That it was so bad it 'wasn't designed for children' under a certain age.  sad1 I didn't find that to be the case.  smile1 Yes, there were several murders in the demo.  scared1 However, I don't believe any of them were any worse than we see on t.v., either in the news OR a show/movie.  Just my humble opinion. sacred1

Unfortunately, this just isn't a purchase for me.  sad1 The color orange was just too over-whelming and distracted me from playing the game.  I wish I had enjoyed it more.  I wish the cat played a bigger part --- maybe I would have purchased the game just for the sheer pleasure of the cat's entertainment value.

For those enamored with the demo, I encourage you to complete the game and save as many of the people on the 'hit list' as you can!

Enjoy!  smile1

Overall Impression:   Not for me.  Definitely NOT CE-worthy.  16 masks with a short paragraph history lesson.  They should have kept the cat.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Grim Facade:  Hidden Sins Devil-smiley-029

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