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Haunted Hotel: Eternity Collector's Edition

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LOVE LOVE LOVE love Your Reviews!  Please keep them coming!

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Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Haunted Hotel: Eternity Collector's Edition Devil-smiley-029

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Setting: The year is 1978. Kevin Reynolds is a wealthy investor/philanthropist who has backed various research projects. He has hired you, a private detective, for additional protection along with his regular security detail. An attempt is made on his life and you are duty (and contract) bound to protect him. So why is someone trying to kill him?

Most of the early action takes place in the eponymous hotel. The place is dark and dreary as expected, but the scenes contain an extremely large amount of detail. They are wonderfully rendered and create an engrossing environment. Most of the scenes are full of blues and grays with sparks of other colors here and there.

Voices are not on the same high level as the artwork. Mr. Reynolds' voice is fine, but the voice of the villain was just OK. The developer seems to poke fun at this, as at one point your character refers to him as sounding like a "B" movie actor. Sound effects are better, especially in the beginning, though the game does not have a whole lot of effects.

Play consists mostly of finding or creating objects to fit into locks, or repairing broken items to make them functional. There were only three HO scenes in the trial and none were difficult. One of them was a riddle style scene, another one used silhouettes. For mini-games, there was a slider puzzle (I solved!) a complex lock puzzle and a few drawings to piece together.

There are many short cut-scenes which consist of dialog with the villain. Despite the number of them, I found them interesting because they are how the story is told. With each one, more is revealed about the man you are supposed to protect, Mr. Reynolds, and also his activities. Probably your opinion of the game will depend on whether on not you like this aspect of the play.

Difficulty: the usual three plus my choice, Custom. The difference here is not knowing the number of seconds for Hint and Skip refill as the sliders do not indicate that. Otherwise you can configure active zones, hints, skip, (transportable) map indicators, context help, tutorial, sparkles etc. as on or off.

CE Extras: 20 morphing objects, 12 Masks, 18 Achievements (I earned 10 just during the trial) a Secret Room, Bonus Level, Strategy Guide and the usual pseudo extras (wallpapers, music, etc.).

I found myself interested even though this game breaks no real new ground, nor does the play seem to present a challenge, and I think I know where the story is leading. The variety of the things to interact with and the constant array of puzzles and locks more than make up for the cartoon-ish villain with the B movie voice. I'll recommend reserving a room for a few nights at the Haunted Hotel.
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