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True Detective 2 Solitaire

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1 True Detective 2 Solitaire on Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:49 am


True Detective 2 Solitaire

Oh, where, oh where, have all the good solitaire games gone???  Question Question Question Question Question

Storyline:  Oh yeah, there was none.  straight-face Boring. yawn

Graphics:  Everything was too small to read/see. nerd   Ultimately, I had to change the cards away from something 'nice' to the large print 'not quite so nice' cards which made playing the game ................. boring yawn

Sound FX:  Were there any? confused2
Music:  Ok.  I could say it was 'detective-y' but I ultimately tuned it out. music
Voice Overs:  Oh yeah.  straight-face Since there's no storyline, there's no need for voice overs. sad1

Game Play:

The gist of the game is to play 10 'hands' per level.  Each hand will give you points for collecting the 'gold' cards.  These gold cards must add up to "x" total number at the end of 10 hands in order to go on to the next level.  If you don't have enough 'total' cards/points you need to replay previous hands until you do. straight-face

What I Disliked: sad1
*  The board game did not take up my entire screen even though it was set as "full screen". nerd
*  The cards, menu selection, level indicators, etc. were too small  for me to read.  nerd
*   Even though I had it set for a tutorial, I got a very basic one.  The first level teaches you how to play the game - which is a basic hi/low card game.  straight-face What are the starred cards for?  confused2 What are the gold cards for? thinking1
*  When you finish your 10 levels, you are not told WHY you can't 'continue'.  scared1 The word 'continue' is shadowed out so your only option is to 'replay'.  However, THAT only allows you to play the last hand.  scared1 To replay earlier hands you must got to "Pause", "Menu", "Levels".  scared1 And, again, the level 'count' is too tiny to really read well. nerd
*  After replaying "x" number of hands to gain enough 'points' to continue to the next level, there is no indication that you have reached that "x" magic number. confused2   You have to keep clicking on the next level's icon.  scared1 When you can continue, you do.  If there aren't enough points, you can't.
*  There are only THREE bonuses you can purchase. scared1

What I Liked:
*   The bonuses could be purchased just by clicking on the bonus icon rather than going to the 'store'. smile1
*   The demo ended. big-grin

I would not recommend this game for beginners because of the lack of info the Tutorial gave.  This game is a definite NO purchase for me.  NO storyline.  Very boring game.  I was extremely glad when the demo ended.

For those who like a straightforward, no-nonsense solitaire game .................

ENJOY smile1

Overall Impression:  Yawn.  sleepy     Yawn. yawn  Snore. sleeping2

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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