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Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead

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1 Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead on Fri Oct 16, 2015 5:13 pm


Forgotten Tales:  Day of the Dead

Seeing the title, I immediately thought "wow .... great name for a HOWL-a-ween ghost game" (yeah, HOWLAWEEN ... I went there Cat Dancing ).  The first thing I discovered was it's NOT a Hidden Object Game.  Gaah! Why the name of the game would take me to THAT place, I have no idea.  BangingHead It's actually a solitaire game!  Wooo-hooo.  :KFP: LOVE solitaire games.  The storyline is sooooo cute and believable!  Cute couple ..... married on the Day of the Dead hart4 ............ so, of COURSE one of the dead would carry her a-w-aaaaaaa-y! HELP !

Graphics amazing!  Music ..... creepy halloweenie music!  Turned voices down but I'm sure they're great too.

It's a typical hi-low solitaire game with lots of fresh, new and innovative "extras" to make the game fun and fresh and entertaining
(bombs, fires, etc.).  cheering

I was quite confused as to how to get the 'list of ingredients' indicated at the start of the game. thinking1 Again, shades of a hidden object

game.  straight-face It was right before the demo ended when I figured it out ..... I think.  nerd And, then there were teddy bears and lollipops and candy to be found ............ and I 'lost it' again. silly
On one hand, it's a calming, easy solitaire game to relax with.  sleepy On the other hand, it's a hunt and find game played with cards.  smug Then, on the third hand (ok...just give it to me here winking2 ) it's a confusing mix that makes no sense.  thinking1  This game's success and entertainment value is  placed entirely upon each individual player's outlook of its complexity.  Popcorn Coffee + Fun BangingHead That means YOU will have to play the demo and figure out
WHICH category you're in and if the game is right for you.  So .....................

ENJOY! Cat Dancing

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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