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Forgotten Kingdoms: The Ruby Ring CE

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1 Forgotten Kingdoms: The Ruby Ring CE on Sat Jun 20, 2015 2:30 pm


Forgotten Kingdoms:  The Ruby Ring CE

Based only on the CE.  As of 6/20 the SE has not been released

The Kingdom of Minah was attacked and the King and Queen ..... disappeared. But, Naya, a young girl herself, grabbed the baby, Prince Tristan, and ran to the forest to hide him. Its now his 18th birthday and time for Prince Tristan to take his rightful place in the Kingdom.  But. .... it doesn't come easily.

Difficulties:  Citizen, Royalty, Legend and Custom.  (Loved the unique names.)

Music:  So beautiful.  I don't know how to best describe it.  It elicited the feeling of "I want to continue", "It's time to move on".  Voice Overs:  Very disappointing as there was NO lip syncing.  What?!?!  With all the amazing things games can do these days, there is NO lip syncing?!?!?!

During the game play you have a transportable map, a journal, an optional tutorial and the Ruby Ring (which causes the crystals all over the kingdom to disappear).  Using the Ruby Ring is a mini game in and of itself.

HOGs (hidden object games) - I came across a silhouette (find "x" number of "z"), list type (not interactive) and NO alternative game to play.

Mini Games:  I found these extraordinarily difficult.  The instructions were hard to understand and, as a result, I think I skipped ALL the mini games I came across ----- after spending quite a bit of time trying to solve them.  I NEVER skip games so this really upset/annoyed me.

CE Bling:  Besides the wallpaper, music, etc., you must ..................
*  Collect 60 crowns.  Please note there are MORE than 1 crown per scene.  There is an icon on the map that shows a picture of a crown until all have been discovered.
*  20 journal clues (have NO idea what this is).

I played the  game using the "hint" button as opposed to the transportable map which didn't always work.  The Strategy Guide did NOT show where the collectibles were located during the demo.  I was bored.  There just wasn't ANYTHING to keep me intrigued with the story OR the game.  I quit the demo with 24 minutes left to play.  I can't EVER recall quitting a demo before it was finished.  It isn't a game for me and is definitely not a purchase.

Tristan, on his 18th birthday, received the Ruby Ring which designates him as the rightful leader of Kingdom Minah.  Help him defeat the imposter king, find his rightful place on the throne and, hopefully, locate his parents.


0verall Impression:  Run.  Don't walk.  Far away from this huge yawn .  Definitely NOT CE-worthy.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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