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Country Tales

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1 Country Tales on Sat Aug 08, 2015 3:41 pm


Country Tales ----- BETA

Ted grew up to be a farmer. smile1   But, he felt he could do something ............. more ..... with his life. straight-face   So, Ted left the small country town he lived in and headed for the Big City.  scared1 There, Ted not only found his new job as Assistant to the Mayor ..... but he also met ........... you. smile1

Graphics were just like reading a brightly colored comic book!  smile1 Music appropriate 'country' music and sound fx were well-done.

Relaxed, Normal and Extreme difficulties.  Relaxed = just that.  No timer clock , no pressure.  Normal = you can earn Achievements trophy and stars star1 .  Extreme = you can earn Achievements trophy and the coveted 'diamond' star star1 .

This is set up just as any other 'build-it' type of game we've all played, except we're in the Big Country City (yeah, that makes no sense) smug . The Achievements led me to believe there were 40 levels to complete.  I played 'relaxed' and got unlimited workers.  But, Lord Almighty!  Could they move just a smidgen faster???? angry1

While I do enjoy some types of these games, this one had me yawning cant stop yawn through the first 4 levels, then .....my computer crashed exiting level 5.  scared1 For these reasons, it's a definite 'no' for me.  sad1 I think it would be great for beginners because the tutorial was very thorough.  Experts would probably enjoy the 'extreme' difficulty.

Enjoy! big-grin

Overall Impression:  I'll pass.  sad1

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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