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Dark Romance: The Swan Sonata

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Dark Romance:  The Swan Sonata

Based on the Beta only

Prince Sigfried would wander through his Palace Garden.  One day, he met the lovely Odette.  He gave her a red rose and asked for her hand in marriage.  Ev.eryone rejoiced!  Until .........................

Graphics were pretty amazing.  Click on everything is my best advice - lol - I made flowers bloom just by clicking on a bush!

Casual/Advanced/Hardcore/Custom Difficulties.

HOGs were varied ....... from interactive silhouettes to FRAGS and more ..... there is an alternate Match 3 game if you prefer.  I enjoyed the M3 myself!  lol

Mini Games were quite fun and almost all new and fresh.  There were, by far, more Mini Games than there were HOGs.

You have an interactive map, a journal, a task list and the ability to change into your alter-ego (just kidding!).  You do have the ability to change characters ..... from the dashing Prince to the sweet Odette and back again.

I'm fairly sure this will be released as a CE and, even though I couldn't access the "extras", there were the usual bonuses, including:

*  Finding feathers (sometimes more than 1 per scene)

*   Collecting notes (is this part of the SE as well?)

Although I don't find this to be CE worthy, I'll definitely purchase it as an SE.  I loved the storyline, the characters, the Mini Games and all the little 'extras' in the game play (such as changing characters).


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