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Dark Realm: Princess of Ice

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1 Dark Realm: Princess of Ice on Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:33 pm


Dark Realm:  Princess on Ice

Based on the BETA and CE Demos

What would happen if an artifact that could destroy the world ended up in the wrong hands?

OMGosh!  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this beta.  Can't wait until it's finally marketed!   The storyline is one we have NEVER come across before and it is GREAT!

The graphics were AMAZING!  Voice overs ..... OMGosh!  The various accents ....... the various characters!  I was so immersed in thes story I truly felt as though I were a part of it!  The music  --- superb!  The sound fx -  sigh -  are there any other words besides amazing, superb, great ... that I can use?????  This game HAS IT ALL!

There are 4 levels of difficulty and I love the names:  Frost, Snowfall, Blizzard  and Custom.  You can choose how much of a tutorial you want:  No, Full or Special Features only.

Besides a journal, task list and map, you get these AMAZING "arcane objects" to use throughout the game.  Including an Iron Bear Gauntlet and a Bracelet that is a "luminescence shield".

The HOGs (19) were different which was a nice change.  There was no alternate game to play.  The Mini Games were ALL NEW and DIFFERENT and loads of FUN!

CE Bling:   Besides the usual fare, this CE also has ..........
*   44 crown symbols to collect
*   19 Morphing Objects (which are found in the HOGs)

This game moved along very well.  Just the right amount of things to do, interspersed with a mini game here and there  and an HOG sprinkled around. 

What excites me???  The accents!  A girl loves an accent .  Add a talking bear and a Dwarf Herald, a talking stone mountain and ...... was that a giant beast?!  Yeah.  I'm hooked.

This is one demo you have just GOT to try!


ENJOY! smile1

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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