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Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast

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1 Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast on Tue Jan 20, 2015 6:54 am


Not having been feeling well because of the whiplash (thanks Freya Mad ), followed by .... "OMG MY LEGS!!!!" and sleeping due to the meds I'm on. Update: Legs/feet are finally UNswelling .... neck still very painful ..... tired of having legs elevated so dang high!" grrrrr, I have not been up to doing any demos. Now there are 4 or 5 games out that I can't figure out if I want or not. Another grrrr.

Spaniels almost being drowned!?!? Exclamation Question Exclamation Question Shocked

Animals that are really people !?!?!?! Question Exclamation Question Exclamation Shocked

Finding interactive things? Very Happy cheers

This just might be a game for me!

Thanks, Dax, great job!


2 Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast on Sun Jan 18, 2015 3:50 pm


This game is by Domini Games, it’s a relaxing game to play on a Sunday evening when you don’t want to be challenged too much by the MFC or Mystery Trackers games.

The story starts with an elderly man in bed asking his daughter Beatrice, to go to a far away kingdom where the Rose of Life is so that he can be cured.  Beatrice sets off for the kingdom but as she arrives she sees a witch stealing the Rose of Life and trying to drown a Spaniel who snatched her purse, she then walks off and takes over the kingdom.

Using the Magic Mirror on the spaniel you discover that he is really a human being and that everyone has been turned into an animal by the witch including Jonathan (the ruler) who is seen being taken away in a Circus Cage after he was turned into a beast.

There is a lot going on in this game:

Levels: There are 5, the first 3 being the usual followed by a custom level and a timed mode.

Music: I am not into music but as I didn’t turn it off it wasn’t dreadful.

Magic Mirror: Place it over an animal or a bird and you get to see who they really are in their human form.  I liked this as the human Spaniel had curly red hair just like the Spaniel!  The others are just as good.

Map: It’s jumpable (is that really a word?) and shows if there is a task that needs doing.

Voices: Good lip syncing and good accents.

Achievements:  The usual fare.

HOPS or HOS: Whichever you want to call them by are interactive.  The first one was feeding the small animals what they like to eat which then followed on with just collecting objects, and the second one showed a silhouette but once you had found the item it remained on your list as you had to put what you had found back into the scene.  You are also given the option to play a Match 3 game instead.

Extra Goodies:
22 secret portraits - not well hidden
15 magic objects - totally random things, i.e. a cauldron or a hand of playing cards.
60 butterflies - not that difficult that to find but not “in your face” so to speak.
Interactive items - I don’t really know what to call them, for example there was a frog sitting on the edge of the pond that the Spaniel nearly drowned in and I clicked on it as I like frogs, each time I clicked it jumped along the wall of the pond and then finally jumped into the water.  The same sort of thing happened with the ladybird on the bench and it eventually flew away, so it’s just something the devs decided to add for our amusement.

Confusion: I was slightly confused by this for a few minutes until I realised that I play the role of both Beatrice and Jonathan when they are in their different situations.  The portraits of both appear on the bottom right of your screen and whichever one is open, that’s who you are.

I am still trying to work out how I can get the monkey to give me his gold tooth as I really want to open up the skull’s jaw, but the demo ended before I could work it out.

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