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Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Tracks of Terror

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1 Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Tracks of Terror on Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:45 pm


Shadow Wolf Mysteries:  Tracks of Terror

Based on both the CE and SE Demos

For centuries, the DeLupe family has been cursed beyond measure.  And now, as the fateful hour of midnight approaches announcing the 18th birthday of another DeLupe son, you are called in .... to .... put ..... a ..... stop ...... to it.......once and for all.  Hmmm.  No pressure there, huh????

So, a storyline we haven't really seen/heard yet.  Voice overs very well done.  Graphics perfect. 
Sound fx are out of this world.  Om my gosh!!!!!

Easy, Advanced, Hard and Custom difficulties.

No journal but there is a transportable map.  The 'hint' button is NOT transportable.

HOGs (hidden object games) varied .... a lot.  List, 'x' number of item 'y' to get to 'z', frogs (fragmented items) and so on and so on and so on.......  All quite fun to play.  There IS an alternate match 3 game if you prefer.  Mini games comprise the good, bad and ugly .... NO!  I mean ....... some old, some new, some easy, some with instructions that made absolutely NO sense ..... to me.  You brainiacs out there are probably laughing at me now but, that's ok.

CE Bling is very light.  Besides the usual fare of wallpapers, bonus game, etc., there are collectibles (don't know what they are as I found them quite by accident) and morphing objects, I think (or was that another collectible?).  In any case, the lack of CE Bling (real or supposed) leaves me disenchanted.

I enjoyed the demos ...... both times I played it and it will definitely be a purchase for me .... as an SE.  IMO it is not CE worthy.  However, I encourage everyone to try this demo and ............................


Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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