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Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of Wolfhill

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1Shadow Wolf Mysteries:  Curse of Wolfhill Empty Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of Wolfhill on Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:44 am


Shadow Wolf Mysteries:  Curse of Wolf Hill

Based on the CE demo only.

A Druid wants your daughter ................... what do you do????

Good question ..... but it's not answered for me.

Graphics were .... ok.  Everything dark and dreary.  Meant to be spooky?  If so, it missed the mark, as did the voice overs.  OMGosh! Could the first character you meet speak in any MORE of a monotone?!?!?!?!  Meant to be spooky?  Missed the mark big time if so!  Music typical of this developer.  Sound fx ok.

Casual/Advanced/Hard and Custom difficulties.
You have a transportable map that works very well.  You also have 'wolf powers'.  Every time you collect "x" number of red plants one of your powers comes into play.  It appears there are a possible 4 powers.  Two are used during the demo.'

HOGs were list type you did go back and revisit the same HOG area at least twice.  There is no alternate game to play if you prefer.  Mini games were MANY ... IMO.  Quite fun and not too difficult.  In fact, in most cases, you could choose between 'casual' and 'hard' before you play them. 

As to CE Bling.  IMO there was nothing remarkable in this area.  Just the usual replayable games, wallpapers, music, etc.  No real collectibles or morphing objects .... which is what draws me into the CE game.

There were a few hmmmm moments.  Does your character not speak???  Like, is he/she mute???  There is an instance where you are obviously being spoken to, yet remain 'mute, and simply hand over an object to identify yourself.

IMO, there isn't enough of the back story brought to the forefront of this game so you really know what's going on and why.  Therefore, IMO, this is NOT a standalone game and you will need to play the earlier one in order to 'get' this one.

A good point?  Well, the game flowed well enough that you knew easily where to go and what to do next .... even though the storyline was stilted (see paragraph above).

This is definitely not going to be a purchase for me in either the CE or SE for the above reasons and more.  But, for those who like this series .................


And OMGosh quiet that crying baby!  My raging hormones went into overdrive!

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Shadow Wolf Mysteries:  Curse of Wolfhill Devil-smiley-029

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