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Shadow Wolf Mysteries - Tracks of Terror Collector's Edition

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BFG, Please Fix The Download Link

From the BFG game page:
One of the best betas I have ever tested! Really liked this game. Navigation was smooth, hints were just enough, and objectives were clear!” - Ann, Beta Tester
“WOW! I didn't want this to end. Everything about this game was exciting.” - Elizabeth, Beta Tester

There is clearly a glitch - the game I downloaded and played bears (or should I say wolfs?) no resemblance to the one described by these beta-testers.

Setting: you are a detective summoned to the town of Gevaudan, France (google "Beast of Gevaudan") to help Count DeLupe whose family is under a werewolf curse. This oh-so-clever name no doubt derives from lupus, Latin for wolf. Though the historical legend originated in the 18th century, the year is May of 1881.

No ordinary detective are you. You have some sort of power which needs to be periodically recharged - by simply pressing the left mouse button while watching a power meter rise. To use your power, you simply trace a large runic symbol with your mouse. Both of these "activities" would have been better left out, in my opinion, as they add absolutely nothing to the game except to detract from the already small amount of fun.

As far as artwork, there is nothing I saw during the trial to distinguish this game. The style is the usual one for this developer. So too are the sound effects. Voices are ok, except the voice of DeLupe's son Pierre (ref: Peter and the wolf?) sounds too young for the character's appearance.

Difficulty - they trimmed down the settings. I selected Advanced, where sparkles were supposed to be off, but lo and behold there were sparkles when replaying HOs. Hint and skip can be set between 5-200 seconds.

HOPs and mini-games were not memorable, let alone "exciting," (sorry, Elizabeth, nothing personal). Hints were not too helpful either (sorry Ann, etc.) Frequently the map did not indicate a scene with an objective even though there was one.

CE Extras: 10 collectible infamous monsters, 11 achievements (I earned 7 during the trial, just saying) bonus level, strategy guide and replay of HOPs and mini games (not counting the usual pseudo extras).

A day has passed since I played the trial and, upon reflection, the more tracks between me and this game, the better. Another game continuing the trend of ones best suited for beginners. I could be wrong though. Have they fixed that link yet?

Rated at 3 silver bullets to put this out of it's misery

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