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Nanograms Wolf's Stories

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Nanograms Wolf's Stories
Based on several demos - lol. big-grin

The story is very cute.  The wolf family is very close-knit hart4 .... but ... sometimes mama wolf needs a break BangingHead (don't we all?!? lol).  She asks papa wolf to lend a hand but .... he ----- falls ----- asleep!   ZZZZZ When he finally wakes up ..... OH NO!!!!!  Tantrum mama and the cubs are ................ GONE!!!!  HELP !

The music music2 is nice ..... graphics could be a bit clearer on the game board --- a little sharper maybe ...... no voice overs.

This is the most challenging nanogram/mosaic/riddles/griddlers game I've ever played! nerd

The gist is the same ..... using the numbers that are at the top/bottom/sides of the graph-type game board, fill in the blanks with either an 'x' (no color) or an indicated color.  straight-face Earn up to 3 gold stars depending on how well you play the level.  straight-face Sounds simple, huh?  smile1 NO WAY!  big-grin lol!  Why????  You are using ALL the colors at the same time.  scared1 Not all blue ... then all red ..... then all yellow, etc.  But ALL the colors.  scared1 And figuring out WHERE those colors go silly is NOT all that simple!  Because you have NO CLUE where the empty ('x') boxes are!!! scared1

I had the great fortune of playing this demo at another site and my notes simply say .... "Great!", "Challenging!", "5+ stars!".  I just hoped and hoped that BFG would release it as well and .............. HERE IT IS! big-grin

Help papa wolf find his family while playing one of the best and innovative ways to play nanograms!

ENJOY! smile1 heart1 rose


Overall Impression:  If you love nanograms/mosaics/riddlers/griddlers ... don't give up.  This is a challenging game but that makes it even more fun!

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Nanograms Wolf's Stories Devil-smiley-029

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