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Fear for Sale: City of the Past

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1 Fear for Sale: City of the Past on Tue Aug 25, 2015 3:59 pm


Fear for Sale:  City of the Past - BETA

Wow.  Just OMG WOW!!!!!  Can----NOT wait for this game to be released!

Statues in Eastwood are attacking the people.  Your character, journalist Emma Roberts, is there to investigate.

Graphics were very well done.  No over-use of those crayon colors that drive people crazy.  lol.  Music, especially when the game started, was sooooooooooooooo creepy.  Sound fx amazing.  But, if you want the absolutely BEST experience with this game, point and click on EVERYTHING!!!!  The 'visual' effects were just out of this world AMAZING!  Yep.  Just click on everything.  lol.

Voice overs started off kind of slow ..... literally.   H-e-l-l-oooooooo, woouuuullldd yooouuuuu plllleeeassseeeeee haaannndddd mmmmmeeeeee thaaaaatttttt pppppeeeeen.  Ultimately, the voice overs got much better.  Whew.

Casual, Normal, Hard and Custom difficulties.

Instead of an unobtrusive diary/journal, you have a humongous briefcase that has your notes and objectives.  You do get a transportable map which has a gold star show up if you've found all the collectibles and morphing objects in that area!  The 'hint' button is NOT transportable.

HOGs (hidden object games) ran the gamut from silhouette to find 'x' number of something to list type and all were highly interactive.  There is an alternative jigsaw puzzle you can put together instead.  Sometimes, I just could NOT cope with the HOG because it was sooooo 'busy'.  So, it was nice to know an alternative was there.   Mini Games were quite new with some being lengthy in that there were several parts to it.

Obviously, this will be released as a CE and it is certainly worthy of being a CE.  I expect the usual fare along with the collectibles and morphing objects that were so much fun to find in the beta.

There are quite a few little 'extras' in the game that make it fun to be a part of as well.  For instance, the 'Press Pass' that sticks out just a little to the left of the screen.  I started as a 'cub reporter' and I think I finished as a 'junior journalist'.  Yeah.  Fun!

Is it CE-worthy???  Absolutely.  I absolutely, positively canNOT wait for this to be released!  Fun, creepy.  i want to click on EVERYTHING just to see what it will do.   In the meantime, I recommend everyone to try this beta and ..................

ENJOY!  smile1 

Overall Impression:  Fear missing out on THIS amazing Hidden Object Game!

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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