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Fear for Sale: Endless Voyage

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1 Fear for Sale: Endless Voyage on Fri May 01, 2015 5:22 pm


Fear for Sale:  Endless Voyage (based on CE and SE demos)

I knew almost immediately upon playing the CE demo that this was going to be not only a great game but that I would have to add it to my growing list of unplayed games smile1

The storyline is a fairly new one.  In the 1930's, 3 people went missing when the ship, named Virginia, disappeared while at dock.  Imagine ..... a storm .... fog enveloping the ship .... lightning .... a fierce wind ..... and then .... the Virginia disappears right before your eyes!  scared1
It's now "present day" and another ship, named the Virginia, has docked at the same pier.  confused2 Is it a duplicate in every way, including the name .... or could it be .... the SAME ship ?????  thinking1 OH MY!!!!  scared1 Shades of the Bermuda Triangle!!!

There are 4 difficulty modes:  Casual, Normal, Hard (each shows you things like sparkles are on or off, how often your hint button recharges, etc.) and Custom (where there are several options you can change to suit your game play). 

Graphics are sharp and very realistic.  Even down to the numbers on the clock at the pier. The music music
was not creepy at all .... more ...... quite lovely.  That's the best I can do.  smile1 I would normally have listened to it throughout the game play but I had a terrible ear ache today and ultimately turned it off.  That actually disappointed me.  Voice overs were extremely well done.   I had no problems either hearing or understanding the various characters.

There is a transportable map which not only shows your current location and where something needs to be done ... but ... a BIG yellow star star1 will appear indicating you have found all the morphing objects in that area.  (In the CE version only)  How cool is THAT!  happy dance1
There is a task list .... and you can work your way UP the ladder of journalist ranks by finding 8 items throughout the game.  The tutorial offers you the choice of "full tutorial", "only on Special Features", or "No tutorial". 

HOGS (hidden object games):  26 - extremely interactive and quite fun.  Mini Games - 28 - I found them a variety of easy peasy to .... hmmm .... THIS is going to take some patience and perseverance (of which I have neither). sacred1 smile1

CE Bling:

Besides the customary Bonus Game, Strategy Guide, wallpaper, etc., there are the following:
Collectibles --- 25 total ..... 5 items in each of 5 categories.
Beyond Objects - 34 (another name for "morphing objects"?)

I think those at any level of experience would enjoy this game as there is certainly NO shortage of things to do as you move through the game play.  It is high in entertainment value but not so "busy" that it takes away from the story.  I very rarely give a game 5 stars but when I do it's a  guaranteed purchase for me.  I was hooked very early into the demo. heart1

Join me in investigating the Virginia.  smug Will we find answers or sail away to ..... the past? straight-face


Overall Impression:  This is definitely one demo I would HIGHLY recommend you try.  High entertainment value, great graphics and lots to do!

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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