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Labyrinths of the World: Changing the Past

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Labyrinths of the World:  Changing the Past

Based on the CE Demo

Detective Peter Larrabbee has discovered that if he finds 3 artifacts, he can "help his love".  Off he goes into a portal but he leaves behind a homing beacon.  Your character is assigned to go to Peter's home and find out what happened to him.

Graphics are sooooooooooooooo dark (tones of blue and red) and I mean V-E-R-Y dark.  Voice overs were done well.  Music was likeable but on a very short loop and it annoyed me after a while. 

You have a transportable map (has tabs for a journal which contains notes you find throughout the game) and a time device which can speed up or slow down time (I used it once during the demo).

Casual/Advanced/Hardcore and Custom difficulties.

HOGs varied from silhouette to find morphing objects to gain a list of items and more.  There is an alternative Match 3 game (easy to play).  Mini Games .... some were new ..... all were easy (except catching the flying letters - lol).

I had a 'what?!?!' few moments when I started collecting 'notes' but didn't know where they went and if they were part of the CE collectibles.  Finally, about mid-way through the demo, I discovered the 'notes' in a journal that you access through your map.  I would have expected this to be pointed out during the 'full tutorial' but it wasn't.

CE Bling:  The usual fare with the addition of the following ...........
*   Collect 15 character statutettes
*   Collect 41 jigsaw puzzle pieces (several in each scene)
*   Collect 18 magical artifacts
*   Take a Personality Quiz

Achievements cover a wide variety of actions ... not just mini game/hog oriented.

The gist of the game is to find 3 artifacts which will restore life.  Your character travels through time to find Peter Larrabbee who is looking for them and leaving a path of evil disruption in his path. You also have to find items in the past that belong in the future/present and return them.  Somewhat interesting storyline but I became disinterested very early on. 

IMO, there were a lot of 'hmmm' moments.  For instance ..... apparently, Peter put on a  mask (?) which made him evil ..... hmmmm.  What mask????  Did I miss it in the demo?  Why is Peter after artifacts that 'restore life' for his fiancee when she's quite alive and doesn't need her life restored?  hmmmm.   In another instance, one character asked you for a drink of water .... you were given a poisoned glass of lemonade by another character ..... you then gave the LEMONADE to the first character who remarked that the WATER was bitter and probably poisoned.  Why give lemonade to someone who wants water????  And why refer to the lemonade as 'water'????  Several hmmmms here.  And it just goes on and on.  For these reasons .... and more .... this will not be a purchase for me. 


Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Labyrinths of the World:  Changing the Past Devil-smiley-029

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