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Amaranthine Voyage: The Obsidian Book Collector's Edition

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Obsidian Book Is Best Left Unread

Setting: Professor Bennett has gone to Iceland in search of harmonium (aren't we all in search of harmonium?) because it has properties having to do with paranormal phenomenon. You're off to assist her. While flying to Iceland in a single engine plane, (not the best idea) an arriving helicopter causes an avalanche. Who else is pursuing Professor Bennett and why?

Palette/Sounds/Voices: My eye did not detect a clear color scheme, making the palette hard to define. While there are a lot of colors used, none of them really dominate. Nevertheless, the overall look was not inviting to me. Sounds and voices were well done and there is a fair amount of dialog, at least in the early going.

Play: Hidden objects scenes (13) were mostly easy to solve even with some having two or three stages. Likewise, the mini games (20) present very little challenge and were a disappointment owing to a lack of inventiveness.

Difficulty settings: the usual 3 plus Custom. Hint refill adjustable between 10-120 seconds, Skip refill between 10-400 seconds.

CE Extras:
40 collectible books (easily found), 21 achievements, souvenir room, alternative HO, bonus level, strategy guide and the usual assorted pseudo extras.

I generally don't care for games with portals or ones with amulets and powers (this has both). However, in this reviewer's opinion Obsidian Book does not stack up well against others in the Amaranthine Voyage series anyway. While nothing about the game is egregiously bad, neither is anything particularly good. The extras are not really much either, so if you are inclined to buy, I would recommend trying the SE.

Three hunks of harmonium cant stop yawn cant stop yawn cant stop yawn


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