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Amaranthine Voyage: The Orb of Purity

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1 Amaranthine Voyage: The Orb of Purity on Thu Oct 01, 2015 1:39 pm


Amaranthine Voyage:  The Orb of Purity

Based on the Beta and CE Demos

Light Harmonium = constructive energy.
Dark Harmonium = chaos, destructive energy.
Entire worlds have been destroyed when the balance shifts.

Your character is Eve Glover, sent for to help cure an Alien.

Easy, Medium, Hard and Custom difficulties.

Graphics were ok.  Nothing really impressive to me.  Music seemed inappropriate to the surroundings. 

Voice Overs ---- Of the characters I met, the woman needed the most work.  The tonal inflections were well done, however, the woman's facial features were very dead-pan. Also, voice overs were 'off' and not in sync with lip movement. 

You received a map which I found repetitive in its use.  Click on the area you want to transport to ...... and that area became a circular area in the upper left corner of the map ..... where you had to click on it AGAIN to transport.  Repetitive.  The hint button also transported you so I relied on that.

You also received a 'gauntlet' which can absorb dark energy.  Play a mini-game to gather it.  But, then, it dispelled other energy?  Too confusing for me.  Just wait for the gauntlet to light up and do its thing.

HOGs were silhouette and interactive silhouette.  Yes, there is a difference.

Mini Games were fun, innovative and new.  Some of the instructions were difficult to understand while others weren't difficult, just time-consuming to finish.

Besides the usual CE Bling such as replayable games, wallpapers, music, etc., there are 43 owls to find.  A souvenir room that wouldn't unlock until after the Bonus Game was played so can't comment on that.

Great for any level of expertise and more enjoyable for those who are way more high-tech than me.  Definitely a standalone game (you do not need to have played previous games in the series to understand this one).

Is it CE-worthy?  IMO, no.  There's just not enough of the 'extras' in the extras.

Amaranthine's Voyage has come to an end for this gamer.  In this new game in the series, everything was a bit too high-tech for me.  Both in game play and the scenery.  Unfortunately, this will NOT be a purchase for me.


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