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Rite of Passage: The Lost Tides

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1 Rite of Passage: The Lost Tides on Wed Jun 03, 2015 7:22 pm


Rite of Passage:  The Lost Tides

Based on both the CE and SE demos

A family vacation.  hug A cruise.  smile1   A stormy night, raining strange fog rolling in sad1 , a female creature arises in the sea.  scared1 Your character, who is a young girl, must leave her parents behind to be sucked into a Bermuda Triangle-type portal waves and save her brother.  scared1 20 years later and the ship has ..... reappeared. scared1

The graphics are done very well.  Voice overs were done well but facial features could have used some help.  straight-face The music music was nice .... nothing over the top and not annoying.  YAY! cheering

4 difficulties:  Calm Seas, Gale, Hurricane and Custom.  Love the names! hart4

HOGs (hidden object games) - there are 13 in the game.  Mostly list type.  Mini Games were very varied and I found them quite a bit difficult.  I had to skip 3 Gaah! and I almost NEVER skip. There seemed to be an equal ratio of HOGs to Mini Games.

You are armed with a diary, although it doesn't hold codes, etc. so I'm not sure of its importance.  A transportable map and a compass that dissolves bad energy.  Wow.  Could use one of THOSE in real life. Clapping

CE Bling:
In addition to the usual fare, we have:
*  12 Morphing Objects - these are found in the HOGs.
*  37 seashells - not always easy to find.
*  37 collectibles - according to the "Achievements", these are found in the extra contents Treasure Hunt.  So are these the 37 seashells that are in a game called "Treasure Hunt" .... or are these 37 EXTRA collectibles?  Hmmm. thinking1

I don't know what it is about this game but I love it.  I enjoyed the story.  I enjoyed the games.  The map was easy and, frankly, I would forget to even look for the collectibles sacred1 .  It just grabbed me from the very beginning.  I think it would be great for any level of expertise and it is a standalone game .... past games do not need to be played in order to understand THIS storyline.

Oh, and let's NOT forget lightbulb2 ....... I want to find out just what is going on with dont-tell-anyone .................. the singing mermaid!  Yep.  There is a singing mermaid.   music2 music2 music2   Is this a new trend in gaming?  This is the 2nd game that I know of that has that "new" addition.

Singing mermaids, a ghost ship and a 20-year mystery - let's explore this together!

ENJOY!  smile1

Overall Impression:  Don't pass up this game as a CE or an SE.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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