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Surface: Return to Another World

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1 Surface: Return to Another World on Sat Nov 21, 2015 6:39 pm


Surface:  Return to Another World

Based on the CE Demo

Mom calls and tells you, quite frantically, NOT to come home!  Of course, you are on the way .... like ..... NOW!!!!  You arrive and everyone ............ everyone .................. has disappeared!  Have you arrived ..... too late?????

Graphics are ok - could be better.  Music and sound fx ok.  Voice overs were well done.

Casual/Advanced/Hardcore and Custom difficulties.

HOPs - varied and interactive.  Mini Games were fun and some required patience and perseverence (I have none).

You have a diary and a transportable map.  The 'hint' button also transports.

CE Bling:  Usual fare such as replayable games, screensavers, etc. as well as .........
*  Collectible figurines - 12 - they are Morphing Objects
*  Collect the usual game flowers - not as easy as in past games and what are we collecting them for?
I wasn't too impressed with the game.  I don't think it's CE-worthy so IF I purchase it I will wait for the SE.  The game play just didn't 'flow' well enough for me.  It seemed disjointed and ... dare I say ..... boring.  I love the 'Surface' series but either this is an unusual dud of a game or the series needs to 'Return to' earlier game play which was much more fun to play ..... or perhaps it's time for the Surface saga to finally end.

I  believe beginners will enjoy the game.  Diehard Surface fans might be ..... disappointed.


Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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