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Puzzle World 2013

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1 Puzzle World 2013 on Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:49 am


Puzzle World 2013

Guess What????  This game isn't a PUZZLE at allllllll - RFLMAO!  

The graphics were astounding. The buttons huge and easy to read and manipulate.  I can't comment on the music or sound fx as it was late and I kept it all quiet (sorry).  I don't know that there was any kind of storyline either.  No map.  No journal. No nothing.  Not really necessary?

I would have LOVED this game, except I didn't understand it.  I mean, I understood the games well enough, but the instructions on how to get any game started was completely lost to me.    The 2 or 3 games I DID get to play were by sheer accident.  NOT exactly how I like playing a game what should have been so simple. 

Word Search, Hangman, and LOTS and LOTS of more types of games to play ..... but I just didn't know how to get past the "instructions" to actually PLAY the dang game!!!!!!   It should NEVER have taken me an hour just to figure out all the "a, b's and c's" of a game (so to speak).

I would have purchased this game in a heartbeat    ..... if I could have figured out how ...... to  ....... play ..... each...... type ...... of .......game.  Instead, it was awkward and not very entertaining.   I felt brainless and stupid and not very big in the "smarts" department when I KNOW I usually am.  I just wanted to "play" these games that either singularly or a a group looked like to much fun!  But, there were no instructions that were worthwhile.  Not instructions on how to play the games, I didn't need THOSE!   .... Those types of instructions were were fairly ..... standard.  But, once you got beyond the instructions ..... then what?  It was soooooooooooo frustrating!

For these reasons I simply cannot recommend it much less purchase it.  What a HUGE bummer!

Give it  a try ..... if you dare.   And, if it turns out you CAN figure it out ....... well, have fun and


Overall Impression:  I wanted to LOVE this game.  I truly, truly did ..... but I couldn't get around all the buttons and up and down and cross-ways and .............. bleh!  Try it, though, you're probably a LOT brighter than I am and it will be a go for you!


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