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Subliminal Realms: The Masterpiece

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1 Subliminal Realms: The Masterpiece on Sun Aug 09, 2015 7:08 pm


2nd Review:  See Steve_San's Review too!!!

Subliminal Realms:  The Masterpiece

Based on both the CE and SE demos.

Your character, Albert, was painting a portrait of his wife, Elizabeth, and daughter, Iris when something went horribly wrong.  scared1 Suddenly, his nightmare became his reality.  sleeping2 scared1

Graphics were very well done as were the voice overs.  I like that eyes, lips, etc. actually move!  big-grin Music music2 seemed to change often.  When in the game it was very creepy.  During an HOG it seemed more inappropriate for the game .... IMO.  Sound fx also well done.

Casual, Normal, Expert and Custom difficulties.

You have a journal that contains notes and objectives as well as a transportable map which will show as much or as little as you want depending on the difficulty setting.  :h-Shroom: Your Inventory changes depending on whether you are in the 'real world' or the 'painting world'.  Pretty cool. thumbsup

HOGs were list and silhouette type with some interaction.  You do go back to the same HOGs at least twice.  :h-Shroom: Mini Games were nice.  I did come across one that really had no viable instruction but I figured it out and completed it anyway - yay me!!!!  trophy star1 trophy star1 I felt there were more HOGs than Mini Games.

You do have a little helper in the form of a fox named 'Smudge' who seems to get heavy items out of the way for you. smile1

CE Bling:
I have to admit to getting confused with what was 'the usual' and what was 'extra'. thinking1
*  Collect 6 sets of 5 each (I found these to be slides - picture slides ... ask your grandparents if you don't know what 'slides' are). straight-face
*   Gallery - what is this for? confused2
*   Secret Game which unlocks after the Bonus Game!  Extra game???  laughing1 That would be awesome. laughing1

Except for the slides you collect, the CE Bling is rather light.  I would have expected more in a CE.  sad1 Unless the Bonus and Secret Games are necessary for the completion of the game, I think an SE would be more than ok for those of us on a budget.

There is a lot of painting and coloring throughout the game play.  The game starts out rather slowly and doesn't really 'take off' or seem to flow until the demo is almost over.  straight-face Then, things start to 'click' and what you're doing makes sense.  smile1   I have to admit to being intrigued with what's going to happen next.  nerd I'm not sure that experts will enjoy this game if it's chosen for difficulty.  For amusement/entertainment I would recommend it for anymore.   I will definitely purchase the SE.  Give the demo a try and ...............

ENJOY! smile1 1-shroom poofalump

Overall Impression:  Not really CE worthy unless the Bonus Game and/or Secret Game are necessary for the 'flow' and ending of the game.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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