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Subliminal Realms: The Masterpiece Collector's Edition

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Close Your Eyes And Imagine

Setting: you are Albert, a painter, married to Elizabeth with whom you have a young daughter Iris. You've been having recurring nightmares about a shadowy figure named Solitude. You have tried to paint her, but cannot bring yourself to complete it. And then... the rest you can probably guess.

This one is very hard to rate. Clearly, it is well made and the quality of the artwork, music, sounds and voices is high.

However, I simply did not like playing it. No, I didn't care for the talking helper (I'll call him Pepe Le Pew), but it wasn't just that.

During the trial, the most fun I had was in playing the HO scenes and mini games. And while I liked them a lot, I did not enjoy any other part of the game. Even the game's style was strange and impossible to imagine what it was supposed to represent.

That is why I have a hard time giving this a rating. Surely there are players who will enjoy this, really get into it and even love it. I'm just not one of them. But I don't like to give a low rating to a game just because I didn't enjoy it.

Therefore, I am sending my rating to you subliminally. Close your eyes and relax your mind. Do you see it?? Hey, what's that shadowy figure over there? Nooooooo!


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