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Danse Macabre: Thin Ice Collector's Edition

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1 Danse Macabre: Thin Ice Collector's Edition on Thu Jun 11, 2015 7:04 pm


Like Me, You May Want to Skate Away

Setting: The time seems to be the present. Mr. Chris Chardy, the director of an ice dancing show, has called a detective (you) to protect his star skater, Ruth Fisher. There is a man stalking her on the eve of her big show. When you arrive at the scene, you run into this man and...well, that's far enough.

Bright and colorful winter scenes are the norm in this - for those of us in the northern hemisphere - pre-summer release. Voice acting is fairly good. Many scenes are done on a large scale, creating the feeling of traveling over a large area. Adding to this feeling is the lengthy ride you take on a snowmobile.

There are 14 HOS and 24 puzzles. The HOS during the trial were multistage but I found them far too easy. Puzzles did not present much of a challenge either. One involved arranging three sets of tiles, another required fitting together a circuit board.

Since this is essentially a murder mystery, there is a journal, a transportable map and a dossier of suspects and evidence.

There were some problems with the storytelling. To describe them, I must reveal at least semi-spoilers, Highlight to read:
When a character passes out, you check his breath using a mirror - but never check his pulse. Compounding that, when no breath is seen, you just give him up as dead instead of performing CPR. When Mr. Chardy calls for help but looses the cell signal, there is apparently no land line at a hotel? Finally, there are a number of handwritten notes and the handwriting on all of them is exactly the same. 

That many problems - just during the demo - are troubling to me and raise a red flag.

CE extras: there are 14 morphing objects, 42 really easy to find collectible snow globes, 14 achievements, a souvenir room, match 3 game, bonus level, strategy guide (2 chapters in demo) and the pseudo extra stuff.

Murder mystery games are some of my favorites. This has potential, but I am troubled by the overly simple play, clumsy storytelling and obvious collectibles. This feels like an unfinished beta. I may consider this as an SE, but for now I am going to sharpen my skates and, like a wise skater, avoid this version of Thin Ice.

2-1/2 frosty snow globes

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