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Danse Macabre: Thin Ice

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1Danse Macabre:  Thin Ice Empty Danse Macabre: Thin Ice on Thu May 14, 2015 8:30 pm


Danse Macabre:  Thin Ice - the beta

An ice scuplture, no matter how stunningly beautiful and admired, can also be ...... destroyed.  straight-face The star of the ice rink show is in danger.  straight-face She is being stalked but, realistically, what can you do??? thinking1

The graphics are .... ok.  I HAVE seen other games where the graphics were so realistic ..... it could almost be "real life".  Yes .... THAT lifelike.  The music music was ok, not annoying.  I didn't have to turn it down.  Sound fx were very well-done too.  The voice overs were, for the most part, very believable.  There was ONE character that really could have been tweaked a bit to sound appropriately realistic and not so .... squeaky (?). laughing1 

There are 4 modes of difficulty:  Casual, Challenging, Expert and Custom.  The tutorial offered you choices of NO tutorial, Special Features only or Full tutorial.

The HOGs (hidden object games) varied from VERY interactive lists to silhouettes and more nerd .  Never anything ..... dull and boring.  yawn Same with the Mini Games.  A lot of the M/Gs I came across required patience sacred1 (yes, yes, er all know .... I have none) and took a bit of time clock to complete.  One of them had no instructions that I could find.  smug I completed it anyway ... once I figured out what to do ..... YAY ME!!!! happy dance2 cheering

Besides a map (shows where you are and where available tasks are - I like that it shows MORE than 1 available task area at a  time), there is an Evidence Board.  The Board holds pictures of some of the characters in the game, with a mini-bio and "Objectives" and "Messages" tabs.  The "Messages" were NOT really messages but pieces of paper, notes, etc. you find during the game play.

While I can't believe this next game in the series will NOT be marketed as a CE, I did not find anything to indicate that there is any CE Bling.  thinking1 Guess we're all in the dark about that until the game comes out.  Therefore, I can't say whether I would lean towards the CE ..... OR the SE.  I think the story line was .... ok ..... not brilliant.  This modern "whodunnit" sends obvious signals that the "obvious" does NOT lead you to the obvious culprit. smile1   HAH!  I would recommend it to all levels of expertise.

Let's go to a show and help find out ...... whodunnit! nerd

Enjoy! winking2 

Overall Impression:  Hmmm. thinking1   It's a "wait and see" for me .... until the CE AND SE demos come out.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Danse Macabre:  Thin Ice Devil-smiley-029

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