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Forum Rules.....Please Read.

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1Forum Rules.....Please Read. Empty Forum Rules.....Please Read. on Fri Jan 02, 2015 3:48 am


Welcome new members!

Unfortunately, this is the boring, but necessary part of your "welcome".

1.  Please abide by the rules and policies of the board host ... Forumotion.

2.  This is a ZERO TOLERANCE site.  Absolutely NO BULLYING, NO "NASTIES", NO HARASSING, NO STALKING, etc.  It will absolutely NOT be tolerated at this site.  Offenders will be issued a warning, however, we are not averse to banning and/or notifying the authorities when and if necessary.  CYBER-BULLYING is not only nasty and wrong .... it is ILLEGAL.

3.  Having said that, if you feel that you have been mistreated or bullied in any way, shape or form, please notify me or another Admin, giving details, and the matter will be thoroughly investigated and, if necessary, dealt with appropriately.  We want you to always feel safe and welcome.

4.   Please feel free to post anywhere on this Forum.  Don't see something you'd be interested in?  Don't fret ..... contact me (freyasmom) or post your wants and needs in "Suggestions" and I'll take care of it a soon as possible.

5.  This is currently a fledgling site.  I would greatly appreciate all your ideas, comments, constructive criticism, suggestions, etc.  Just post them in "Suggestions".

6.   Treat others as you would like to be treated.  Always be courteous, friendly, and nice.

7. We do reserve the right to reject membership. Doubtful we'd do it, but it HAS to be added.

8.  Have fun.  And....most of all ...... ENJOY!


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