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Final Cut: Fame Fatale

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1 Final Cut: Fame Fatale on Sat May 16, 2015 10:49 pm


Final Cut:  Fame Fatale  ----- beta

An awards party complete with red carpet and paparazzi ------- two actresses featured.  One ..... a seasoned actress ..... beloved by her many fans ....... but a recluse no one ever sees.  The other ....... an upcoming "nobody" who is struggling to make it "big".    Lights ................. camera ...................... MURDER!

The graphics are ok, although I think the previous game had way better graphics.  Music was non-disturbing, voice overs were done well and sound fx were spot on .... right down to the dripping ofTher water.

There are 4 difficulty modes:  Casual, Medium, Hard and Custom.  There IS a map but I found it difficult to use and relied upon the transportable "hint" button.  I did not come across any diary or journal.

The HOGs (hidden object games) were a wide variety including list, interactive silhouette and more.  You really never knew what you going to get - lol.  The mini games.  Sigh.  I have to admit, I found them to be quite difficult .... for me.

I assume this game is going to be released as a CE ..... since all the previous games were.  So, I was surprised there was absolutely NO indication of any CE Bling.  No collectibles, nothing.

This is a standalone game.  Meaning you do not need to play any of the previous games to understand and play this one.  I believe it's best played by beginners and Intermediates and Experts may become bored.   IMO the Final Cut should BE the "final cut".  I think this series has outgrown itself and it's time to be put away.
The storyline is weak.  Most of the HOGs and Mini Games weren't in any way related to the story.  Personally, I probably will not purchase this game either in a CE or a SE.

For those who are looking forward to yet another in this seemingly never-ending series ................


Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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