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Crafting Story

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1 Crafting Story on Thu Mar 26, 2015 11:06 am


Crafting Story

I had heard so many wonderful things about this game, even on the Pond Video, but when I tried to play it?   AWFUL!

What can I say about the graphics?  The globe was weird looking with bumps and lumps.  I had to turn down the sound and music because of an awful earache - sorry.

I "think" the gist of the game is to rebuild the world using a magical globe found in an old chest.  Okay.  Sounds reasonable and fun.

There is NO tutorial.  NO help whatsoever.  So, what do I do when I get the globe?  I finally figured out how to get to an area I could "work" on.  A little pond of water showed up and then a patch of grassy earth.  Put one on top of the other and grass grew totally in another area.  I tried this several times and the same grass ..... well ..... didn't even grow!  I tried this in several areas but it just created grass in the same place the initial place where it grew earlier.  

I found a button to click and an entire list of images showed up but no instruction as to what did what and what I should do next.

The potential for an amazingly fun game is definitely there but in actuality, there is not enough of a tutorial or help to play it.  

With no idea what to do, this game is definitely NOT for me.  I don't recommend it for beginners.  Maybe Experts can figure things out.  But .... not me.  If you can make it through the demo ..... props for you!

Overall Impression:  Craft something ...... anything ..... else.


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