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The Secret Order: Beyond Time

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The Secret Order:  Beyond Time

Based on both the CE and SE demos.

CE Bling: The Secret Order:  Beyond Time 1159542277

Aside from the usual Bonus Game, Strategy Guide (which shows 6 chapters), etc., there are ....

*  30 collectible masks (of the 2 I accidentally found, 1 was a jaguar and 1 a crocodile).  They certainly DO NOT stand out right in your face.

Will I even purchase this game?   The Secret Order:  Beyond Time Icon_rolleyes  Maybe the SE but definitely NOT the CE, unless I read any reviews that state the Bonus Game is necessary to complete the main story.  The Secret Order:  Beyond Time 817845541
(I dislike when Devs put the actual ending of a story in the Bonus Game, thereby forcing us to purchase the CE The Secret Order:  Beyond Time 2492287703).

If I can get past the crayon usage (see my demo review) AND the terrible lag between scenes (like looking at a black screen much?), I might purchase the SE.  I LOVE The Secret Order:  Beyond Time 3243696324the Egyptian era and would probably purchase the SE based solely on that.

ENJOY! The Secret Order:  Beyond Time 513167637

Overall Impression: After playing the SE, I found I truly enjoyed the game.  If I have a coupon handy, I'll likely get it.  Otherwise, nah. There is not enough CE Bling to warrant using a coupon, credits or hard-earned CASH for a CE purchase.  Could be BOGO worthy.  The lag is only in the CE.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?The Secret Order:  Beyond Time Devil-smiley-029

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