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It's Manicure Day!

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1It's Manicure Day! Empty It's Manicure Day! on Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:30 pm


Hey Freya!


It's time for a manicure!  Come here, girl! affraid

Yes, I've let her nails get a bit too long.  It's not so much a chore ... as it is .... an hysterical process. Very Happy

Months ago, Freya's hooman big sister, Robyn (my daughter), purchased us the BEST and SAFEST nail clipper on the market.  Freya doesn't like the "click" sound it make when her nail is clipped Evil or Very Mad - much like the sound a person's nail clipper makes.  But, AFTER THAT ..... we have to take an emery board and file and buff her nails so they are not ragged but rounded and not hurtful to us hoomans.

She LOVES the emery board part.  Very Happy She doesn't mind the "rasping" sound the emery board makes as it goes back and forth across her nails.  In fact, it's a BATTLE!  Suspect   Because while I'm trying to round off her clipped nails, Freya is trying to grab and lick and lick and grab .... the emery board. Laughing

All in all, it's quite a fun adventure for both of us. Very Happy


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