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ALTSHFT - a different type of game

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1 ALTSHFT - a different type of game on Mon Feb 09, 2015 1:08 pm



The storyline of this game was .... okay. Space odyssey gone wrong.

The graphics, IMO, were horrible. Black and white only? When was this game developed? It offered NOTHING to the game to make it interesting OR entertaining. I cannot comment on the music/sound fx because I had it turned down (puppy sleeping).

The gist of the game is to get to the "exit" by overcoming obstacles, such as a bed of spikes you don't want to fall in .... or you lose a life. Much like the original Mario Brothers game.

I found too much wrong with this game .... for me.
It was black and white ......... BORING!
You COULD choose male or female role BUT there is NO profile to add your name. So, only one person at a time can play?
No "options".
Mario Brothers type of game play - it's been done and redone. Nothing new here. So, not very entertaining.
You use your mouse to start the game but you have no choice but to use the keyboard or arrows to PLAY the game. Sorry, but that just DOES NOT work for me.

For all these reasons, and several more, this game is not for me and not a purchase.
Do I recommend it? Sure, it's an hour demo. It just might be for you.



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