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Word Krispies

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1 Word Krispies on Mon Feb 09, 2015 10:28 am


Word Krispies

Great Family Game!

I usually dislike word games but I absolutely LOVED this game.

The storyline is fun and will keep the kids entertained. There is a female adult lead character and a small child character who are going from place to place looking for a lost diamond in a box of cereal.

The graphics are amazing. Realistic looking bowl of cereal, "word krispies" large enough for even the youngest (or oldest - lol) eyes to see well. I can't comment on the music as I had to turn it down (puppy sleeping on my lap - smile).

The object of the game is to make words with the letters. Using them before they get too soggy and disappear. You make words of 3 or more letters and fill the "tower" by making either a lot of words or large words.

There are 2 game modes - classic, which is untimed or arcade which has a timer. I played "classic" and found it perfect to play with youngters. No time limits makes it fun and not stressful for the little ones.

This is a PERFECT game for the little ones to learn to make words and the older ones to make
larger words. I can't say enough of how much I enjoyed it.

Definitely give this demo a try. It has MY vote.

ENJOY! Very Happy


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