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Soooooooooooooo Pretty - the Day Outside ... Oh yeah .... Fey Fey tooo.!

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Just came back from a long walk with my furbaby .... Freya.   I just LOVE watching her frolic in the grass and leaves.  She's had her first "heat" now and we are OVER that!  Thank goodness.   I was getting ready to take a drink! affraid

Instead of getting her spayed in March as planned, though, I believe we may be looking at a sex-change operation.  Freya seems to find it necessary to "lift her leg" when she pees now. Laughing  Rolling Eyes   I have NO clue why Question  or where she even came up  with the idea that THAT is an easier position.  I would think her "walk, squat and pee while on the move" suited her better.  At least then, she didn't have to stop.  Just ..... walk, walk, oops better squat and walk while I pee, walk, walk ..... Laughing

Just gotta LOVE my Freya!  I love you


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