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February 21

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BFG Game Releases for the week of 2/21 - 2/27


Grim Tales: The Heir CE
February 21 12710697_10154610035214966_2051879827804892096_o
February 21 12710697_10154610035214966_2051879827804892096_o

Brought to us by Elephant Games Anna Gray is back with another family dilemma!  Brandon, her nephew, has asked her to come to The Gray’s Castle because his family is under attack. It seems that the whole family was in the hall when strange figure of old man attacked Brandon’s wife, Elena Gray and put her to coma, disappearing in the wall afterwards. Moreover, Brandon’s son has also Billy gone missing and now Brandon is searching the castle, trying to find him. Help your nephew and look for Billy while searching also for the roots of evil. Many secrets will be revealed and skeletons in the closets will be found before the Brandon family will reunite in this tense Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!

Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of Wolfhill CE

February 21 10286799_10154610035854966_9126388446910721213_o

Brought to us by ERS:   Having received the family crest indicating familial trouble, you are off to Scotland to help your cousin Neal.  He is in danger from the forces of a Druid!  As a werewolf, you must keep your "cool" in dealing with the Druid and his minions.  A ceremony is being planned and you must stop it all costs.   


Fear for Sale: Endless Voyage CE:  In this ghostly continuation of the Fear for Sale series, you've discovered that a luxury ocean liner bears an eerie resemblance to a ship of the same name that vanished years ago. Can you survive its next voyage?

Sea of Lies: Burning Coast CE:  A strange plague is sweeping through coastal towns, and you've traveled to Port Talbot to help find a cure. But when the town is evacuated to neighboring Wellport, you suddenly find yourself right in the middle of a madman's devious plans. Now you're the only one who knows the truth... but can you reveal it before you become another victim along the burning coast?


Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?February 21 Devil-smiley-029

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