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Punished Talents: Stolen Award

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1Punished Talents:  Stolen Award Empty Punished Talents: Stolen Award on Wed Feb 10, 2016 3:01 pm


Punished Talents:  Stolen Award

Based on the BETA
(as of 2/10)

The Hopkins family is all about science.  However, partners are now rivals when it comes to the awards and someone's been poisoned.

Graphics are well-done.  Voice overs > lip syncing ratio is unbelievable.  Music was turned down.

HOGs ran the gamut of variety.  Mini games were ok.  But some of the instructions were .... muddy.

Things that bugged me:

*   If I'm in an elevator and a bomb goes off sending me plummeting to the bottom of the shaft .... I am NOT going to brush myself off, move the heavy, bent cage doors and walk away.  No.  I would be brushing myself off and walking away .............. as a GHOST!

*   During the HOGs, there is an annoying noise when you mis-click, followed by a big red 'x' mark.  I don't need an 'x marks the wrong spot'.  I'll definitely know if I clicked on the wrong thing.

*   In the space of a few minutes, I have diagnosed the poisoned victim as having a chemical poisoning and make an antidote (which includes snake venom), give it to the victim who wakes up in a nanosecond.  Completely aware.

No CE Bling.

Achievements all HOG and Mini Game oriented.

No purchase for me.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Punished Talents:  Stolen Award Devil-smiley-029

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