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Mystery Trackers: Paxton Creek Avenger

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1Mystery Trackers:  Paxton Creek Avenger Empty Mystery Trackers: Paxton Creek Avenger on Wed Feb 10, 2016 1:19 pm


Mystery Trackers:  Paxton Creek Avenger

Based on CE Demo

The Paxton Creek Avenger, purported to be the ghost of a vengeful opera singer, has kidnapped a young girl, the daughter of a prominent townsman.  Your character is there to find the kidnapper and rescue the girl.  Ho hum.

Graphics were amazingly well done.  Music was great --- loved the edge of your seat suspenseful tones.  Voice overs were clear and easy to hear.

Elf/A La Mode/Avenger/Detective (Custom) modes of difficulty - cute names, huh???

In addition to a transportable map, you also have your helper, ELF, and  a 'thermal scope' which finds heat traces which will help show you the Avenger's trail.  I used it twice during the demo.  The 'hint' button also transports you.

HOGs were a variety of silhouette, list and others ... no alternate game to play if you prefer.  Mini games were fun, not difficult at all.  The Super Puzzle was a blast.  I didn't need to use the 'puzzler helper' which is highly unusual for me.  So, maybe it, too, was not too difficult.

CE Bling:  LOTS of the usual fare (wallpapers, replayable games, etc.) along with ....
*   Archive - not sure what this is.
*   Orchestra - collect orchestra members throughout the game - not in every level.
*   Collect pieces of photos (easy to find)
*   Morphing objects - 17 (also not too difficult to find)

At the end of the demo (which took me less than 60 minutes), the 'Avenger' shouts out that 'this was all a joke!'.  But, wait, he has a partner .... and WHO is it??????  I guess that's what we're really here to find out.

This story has been done .... and done .... and done.  Kids get kidnapped in a fiery auditorium.  An avenging ghost has kidnapped a magician .... in a fiery auditorim.  An operatic diva is kidnapped ..... in a fiery auditorium.  And, again, here we are ..... a young girl is kidnapped .... in a fiery auditorium.  So, while the story isn't original, the game play is entertaining.  I didn't feel overwhelmed with mini game after mini game after mini game interspersed with tons of HOGs.  I gave a heave of despair over yet another 'gadget' but was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't used all .... the .... time.  In fact, I only used it twice during the 60 minutes of the demo.

I enjoyed the game.  I wasn't all "OMG NO THE DEMO CAN'T BE OVER!" but it was a nice game.  Great for beginners through experts.  Will it be a purchase for me??  Yes.  CE or SE?  That's yet to be seen - lol.


Overall Impression:  Not a bad game.  Good for a sale as the story has been done over and over.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Mystery Trackers:  Paxton Creek Avenger Devil-smiley-029

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