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Solitaire: Match 2 Cards Valentine's Day

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1Solitaire:  Match 2 Cards Valentine's Day Empty Solitaire: Match 2 Cards Valentine's Day on Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:46 am


Solitaire:  Match 2 Cards Valentine's Day

Graphics were lovely.  Music was soooooo relaxing ..... I could just lie on my sofa and listen to it play ---- forget about the game!!!

I don't consider this a 'typical' or 'usual' solitaire game.  It's a match game.  Match 2 cards throughout the game .... trying to get as many gold cards off the game board as possible.  When you meet your quota you can go off to another level (of 10 more hands).

There are 3 bonuses you can purchase throughout the game ..... joker, shuffle and mulligan (go back and do-over).

You can change the deck picture as well as the face cards.

Great for beginners through experts.  There is a tutorial you can turn off (I did) and 2 levels of play .... 'newbie' allows you to replay individual hands .... 'advanced' allows you to ONLY replay the entire deck ... not individual hands.

This game is neither challenging nor altogether interesting.  But, for a quiet afternoon/evening/whatever .... it's worth an expiring coupon.

Will this be a purchase for me????  Maybe.


Overall Impression:  meh

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Solitaire:  Match 2 Cards Valentine's Day Devil-smiley-029

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